Greece: Sisterhood of the traveling… whatever

Have you ever seen the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsIt’s a series of books as well as two movies. But anyway, part of the movie is set in Greece, so when we planned our trip there, the joke was that me and my three friends could be the girls from the books. Originally it was going to be four of us just like in the books, but it ended up as just 3, since Rebecca couldn’t find a reasonable ticket.

Brian, Allie and I flew out from Dusseldorf-Weeze airport early in the morning. It was freezing cold, so landing in sunny beautiful Greece was a relief. I packed light for the 5 day trip, one day off for Easter and one extra that we took off from school. It was another bus to our hotel from the airport and the drive was beautiful. We arrived and immediately bought our sunglasses on the walk over to the port where we were staying.

View from my window
View from my window

The view from our room was beautiful! There were three beds, two single bed and a larger one that Allie and I let Brian have. Of course, though, we all snuggled on Brian’s bed when we watched the Sisterhood movie. Brian said he wanted to be the blond soccer player, and Allie was Greek beautiful artist. I was stuck as the punk rock eye-rolling brat, but maybe that’s alright. In the end though, we all decided that we aren’t anything like the sisters in the movie, their lives are far too depressing.

While we watched the movie we drank some Greek wine and ate feta cheese and toasted bread. It was so good! The food all weekend was great. Mostly we ate at nice restaurants and told stories over traditional food and international favorites. Brian and I had mostly Alpha and Mythos beer, Allie tired all kinds of wine. I love that at the start of the meal most places served nuts and olives and at the end there was complimentary shots of ouzo alcohol. One evening we treated our selves to fancy cocktails, Brian of course getting the girliest one.

We were staying on the island of Crete in the harbor of Chania. It is an ancient and modern port, currently used by the US Navy. But lots of countries use the port, so we met soldiers from all over the place during our stay in Greece.

During the day in Chania, my favorite things to do were to visit the beach in the new swim suits we bought. Mine was pink polka dots and Brian’s was light blue. Allie’s mom is a swim suit designer, but she still bought one with a floral pattern. The other thing we liked to do was shopping. There was lots of jewelry and leather in Chania, and some really lovely pottery. We also explored the light house and looked around for our matching item of clothing so that we could have something to share like the pair of jeans the sisters had.

It took the whole trip, but we finally found a jacket to share. First we tried to find a pair of pants, but that failed terribly. Nothing made all our butts look good. So we were delighted to find a jacket that would work. It’s light brown and looks great on all of us. This summer, Allie, Brian, Rebecca and I will all send it across the country to each other with letters about our lives. I can’t wait!

I loved Greece. It was really fun to use the Greek alphabet I learned from pledging a sorority and the food was great. I love the people and the weather was sublime. Next time I visit Greece, I think I’d like to see a city, but my beach vacation was perfect.


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