Back in the USA

I just found a letter that I had written to myself on January 11, just a few days before I left for Europe. In the letter I guess at what I’ll have learned or seen or who I’ve met. I’m proud to say that I met all my own expectations and then some. The worries I had turned out to be not so bad, and I accomplished a lot of what I dreamed about.

It made me realize, once again how lucky I am. I’m only 19, but I’ve been to a dozen European cities. I’ve flown on so many airplanes and met amazing people. What a life I lead! I really hope that someday I can give my kids the same experience my Dad gave me.

Today I applied for a few jobs waiting tables after I slept in. Yesterday was a long day after formal the night before and waking up for an early flight. Last night Dad made a really nice dinner and Nanny, Nana, and Birdie came over for a welcoming party. It was a real treat to hand them the souvenirs I picked out in Europe, and to eat dinner in my own house. Then I showed them my pictures in a slide show and we had chocolate brownies.

Soldiers on the Boston Common
Soldiers on the Boston Common

I’m so happy to be home, especially after such a long weekend in Boston. I’m sure everyone already knows everything about the Marathon Bombing and the shooting in Watertown, but it’s been a stressful place lately. On Thursday night, Renee and I were visiting friends on campus when we heard the news of the shooting. We ended up stranded on campus and I couldn’t change my clothes for a few days.

We spent the lock down eating dorm snacks and watching the news, though I mainly learned new information through twitter. It’s amazing what social media can do. The streets were shut down and we could see helicopters and police trucks and tanks moving easily through. It was eerie to see the city that way, and it was a relief to party with the students when it was all over.

Now it’s time for me to unpack and look for a job. I’m hoping to work in a restaurant or a shop, but who knows what I’ll find. Wish me luck! oh, and God Bless America 😉


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