Rainbow in Cambridge

Where I’m from in Pennsylvania, you’re not too likely to see a row of brightly colored houses. Perhaps there will be one or two that are forest green or a shade somewhere between beige and yellow, but for the most part homes stay safely within a neutral palette. River stone fronts, white plastic paneling, red brick facades; no one is looking to attract attention with bright hues. Maybe that’s why when I walk around Cambridge I’m constantly stopping to photograph these gorgeous and diversely colored homes.

Some remind me of the houses I see at the beach, light colors with coordinated accents in the trim and shutters. But others look like little gingerbread masterpieces. The colors are saturated and intense. The one just behind my own light yellow house is a vibrant red with bold yellow trim around the creatively placed windows.

Oh the windows! So many houses prominently feature stained glass windows above their doors or at the front of the house. It is a truly remarkable aspect of this neighborhood.  Others make creative use of their limited city garden space. Each is unique, so wonderfully different from the cookie-cutter style I’m used to seeing back home.

Here’s a few you might spot if you take a stroll down Magazine Street in Cambridgeport.





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